Hi, I'm Sue, a Devon Wedding Photographer

and welcome to my wedding photography website ~ I'm so happy you're here x

A little bit about me

sue vaughton foreverfotosHi, I am Sue, a creative, documentary wedding photographer at I’ve been living in South Devon for nearly 25 years. My husband and I began our very own forever love story in Saudi Arabia when our paths crossed while I was a Medical Photographer at the time!

I love editing in my home office in my comfy’s with many mugs of hot tea. Utterly-devoted animal lover, especially to our two Thai rescue dogs ‘Shelby & Winnie’.

I’m a big fan of late-night box-set viewing and yes, the joke’s true; “how can you tell if someone is vegan? Don’t worry, they’ll tell you”!

Life has taught me, not only through my own amazing relationship but also with the relationships I seek with my couples; that feeling warmth and closeness is the secret to an incredible experience and the creation of precious picture moments.

There’s obviously lots of photographers who do what I do and who share the same what and how, but I want couples to choose me for my special why and who.

I’m a committed photographer and memory-maker with friendly, fun measures of ‘savv & sass’. I want to connect with you wholeheartedly, to find out the things that matter to you most and how I can make your photo experience a great one (or as near to perfect as I can)! I spend my life doing so by constantly sharpening the tools in my photography world.

My daily framework and mantra begins with authenticity and ends with a lot of appreciation & gratitude for my couples who entrust and believe in me as their Devon wedding photographer to capture the happiest, most important day of their lives. Sandwiched in-between, I stand by simplicity and at the same time seek adventure and practice mindfulness when required! It’s been well documented that photography is memory and memory is photography.

Photography is and always will be, an important part of our lives because as humans, we crave visual imagery that reflects our connectedness with each other. We are all evolved to empathise and to feel the emotions of others.

I feel very privileged to be the Devon wedding photographer that can give that to my couples, their families & the generations thereafter; with a photograph legacy that not only documents the day but captures the sheer variety of emotion that forms the wonderful memories of your unique day.

Are You Ready to Begin?

All-Inclusive Wedding Day Storytelling

The ultimate gratification for me would be that you are able to look back on your photos years down the road and be brought back immediately to feel how you felt on the day when together, you celebrated your love for each other, surrounded by your loving family and best friends.