If you’re looking for a wedding photographer who really cares and is obsessed that your photos make the most of your wedding day in all its aspects, then look no further.
I understand this is an incredibly important occasion but it may simply flash by. Your wedding deserves to be remembered in the kindest and most loving way forever. This is my job: to make your special day last a lifetime.

Documenting real moments
Being able to look back and feel the intense love you feel now

sue vaughton foreverfotosYour wedding photography collection is not simply a visual diary of the day; it needs to draw on the emotion and love. The anticipation of the event can be equally important. This may include all the early preparations of the day through to the exchanging of vows, the later celebrations with family and friends and all the many moments in between. I like to ensure that you are entirely comfortable with my approach and that we are a perfect fit for each other. A phone call, a pre-meet before any engagement is always fruitful. I want to approach your wedding day with empathy and understanding.

I am there to be a silent witness recording all of the hundreds of priceless moments of your incredible day.

Professional photography is an often misunderstood art form. Especially when there is often no time to repeat a shot. Understanding light, locations, people, positioning and navigating a selection of sophisticated equipment takes a lot of experience across all aspects of a wedding event. I take thousands of images, working through our discussions on the day’s events, the people, the location, the timings and addressing your visual needs we discussed. It is then that I create, over a number of following days, a beautiful and memorable portfolio that you may cherish forever.



I 'd love to hear from you and learn about your exciting wedding plans. Feel free to pick up the phone, fire all the questions you like which will give you a better feel of how I approach and photograph weddings or any other celebration that you'd like to capture.