See the world in a way you've never seen it before with an alternative wedding portrait or a shot of the beautiful landscape that surrounds your venue - both uniquely captured from the sky with my small UAV.


Would you like to try something a little different?

Aerial wedding photographs capture unusual angles and cool captures from the air giving a 'wow' viewpoint that can really stand out from the crowd.

Would you showcase your venues location?

Aerial photos can really make the most of your chosen venue and it's back-drop (if it sits in the right location), where the drones unique perspective can showcase the extravagance of a wedding day in a way that no other means can.

Does drone photography require pre-planning?

With proper pre-planning, you can do wonders with drone photography. Imagine in years to come when flipping through your wedding album on your anniversary day and finding sweeping aerial pictures of the venue and more.

What qualifications & insurances do you have?

I am a licensed commercial operator of UAV’s (unmanned aerial vehicles) drones in the U.K. and I'm governed and regulated by the Civil Aviation Authority. Safety is my main priority. I am fully insured against injury and damage with £5million public liability to fly at altitudes of up to 400 feet.

Can you fly above all wedding venues?

No, not every venue is drone friendly. You must have the permission of the venue to fly and their staff need to be fully briefed. Another important point is that drones cannot fly in rain or high winds and therefore I make decisions on the day as to whether or not, conditions are favourable.

If drone photography is permitted at our venue, what does it cost?

Drone photography is all-inclusive in my all-day 'Above & Beyond' price package.
Drone & Aerial Wedding Photography

What imaginative imagery aerial photographs can be – a different type of couple or group portrait wedding altogether. A chance for you to see yourselves in a totally different dimension and having fun with the new concept in the process too! The height can be a real advantage when photographing the wedding party, with better clarity and separation of faces.

Without a doubt, drones capture images that can never be shot from the ground. By contrast, they can magically transform what seems like a crazy position, often lying flat on the ground which then results in a vivid, punchy work of art.


Aerial photography of the venue itself can also be amazing depending of course on its location and also if your ceremony is being held outdoors.

We only really need to 20 mins out from your wedding schedule for a planned shot within a suitable area within the grounds. The unusual couple portraits can be achieved by arranging the bride & grooms postures in a unique & entertaining configuration. The patterns, light, and shadows on the ground, all serve as effective compositional elements. And that’s something that no one but a drone can do!


If your interested in exploring drone photography on your wedding, engagement or elopement shoot, I'd love to explore ideas with you.