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The Hartnoll Hotel, Tiverton : Emma & Steve’s Engagement Party

Everything about the Hartnoll Hotel made for this exceptional Somerset engagement party venue. It was organised by Jane for her daughter and son-in-law Steve who had flown in with their daughter from their home in Zimbabwe. The Hartnoll is an idyllic boutique country house hotel nestled on the edge of the Exmoor National Park. Set in beautifully landscaped gardens surrounded by glorious Devon countryside made for a very memorable afternoon for all of Jane’s family and friends. Enjoying gorgeous warm, sunny weather was just the icing on the cake!

I thoroughly enjoyed visiting Hartnoll Hotel and shooting an engagement party is always fun. The beauty of an engagement party is that like weddings, they can be completely individual. Enjoy a themed event, something musical, something historical or whatever suits you most.  I have shot numerous engagement events. I find that the most magical and memorable ones are the ones that include something about the brides or grooms themselves.

Choosing a beautiful venue such as Hartnoll Hotel, Tiverton is a wonderful place to start. Don’t be afraid to consider adding something personal to the occasion though. There is not one venue that I have visited as a Devon wedding photographer that haven’t had staff ready and willing to help facilitate the perfect event. If you need guidance on how to proceed, they are always ready and willing to help.

Here are just a few things that you could consider when putting together your engagement party.

Engagement Party Themes and Entertainment Ideas

  • A champagne reception.
  • Taster sessions (exotic foods, fruits or sweets that you have sourced).
  • Special activities, i.e wine and cheese tasting or something similar.
  • Themed decor, from delicate roses to X-Men heroes, whatever appeals to you the most.
  • Entertainment – Bring in your own entertainment to amuse and interest you and your guests.

Of course, it is important to liaise closely with the venue in order to ensure that they can accommodate your engagement event needs.

I have worked with many couples and families on pre-wedding events in Somerset. From family and couple photoshoots to engagement events and more, I’ve enjoyed them all. Get in touch if you would like to know more about how having a photographer like me there can be a great way to capture fabulous moments forever.