When it comes to planning any kind of event there is a lot to consider. The list is long and there are so many people to speak to, venues to view and much more besides. When it comes to a vegan wedding it may seem that that list is harder to get through, and just ten years ago it may have been. Fast forward to present day and veganism is a mainstream lifestyle choice, widely recognised and much more understood and accepted. This means that making vegan wedding choices is so much easier. Having photographed a number of wonderful wedding days I am happy to share a few of the considerations couples opting for a vegan wedding might want to consider.

The Venue
Some venues are “true” vegan in that they only offer vegan services and are entirely suited to vegan events. There are however many venues that offer vegan wedding packages or are happy to make changes to suits your needs. As with any venue, it is worth doing your research early and getting your preferred date booked in.

Vegan Wedding Fashion
Vegan fashion is not as “far out” as it may seem with a number of designers working hard to create ethically sourced, animal product-free materials for male and female wedding attire. It is important to be mindful of the extra costs associated with this type of specialist item. Many wedding dresses and outfits include silk and so an alternative to that may be required. It certainly isn’t impossible but again, for you to have the outfits that you want, researching vegan wedding outfitters and dress-makers early would be advised.

Vegan Wedding Food
Anyone who believes that vegan food is bland or boring has never really enjoyed decent vegan food. There is no reason why you can’t serve your guests a wide range of delicious, colourful and tasty foods, Many caterers are more than happy and capable to offer a venue menu. If you are living a vegan life yourself you’ll already know that removing animal products from the menu does not mean removing the fun factor or the promise of some truly delicious meals, nibbles and more!

Wedding Gifts
How do you incorporate your vegan lifestyle when it comes to wedding gifts? If anyone wants to offer a gift in celebration of your special day many opt for the popular choice of asking for a donation to a favourite charity or organisation. While this doesn’t need to be a vegan organisation there are certainly a number of worthy causes you could nominate, for example, PETA.

All the Wedding Trappings
Confetti, glitter, wedding favours and all of the other trapping and trimmings that come with any wedding tend to be part of the fun. They are rarely good for the environment though. Fireworks after the evening reception look very pretty but are not well-known for being animal-kind, and there is a lot of evidence to show that releasing balloons and lanterns are incredibly damaging to wildlife and to the environment. Consider eco-friendly and more vegan choices when looking at the little extras that are part of a wedding day event.

Communication is Key
One of the most important factors when it comes to planning your wedding is to communicate your needs and wishes with those involved in the big day. As an experienced Devon wedding photographer, I am more than happy to work closely with all couples to make sure that I capture all of the magical moments that they value the most. The same should apply to venue staff, caterers and florists. Once they know what you need they will be able to source it, arrange it or signpost you to someone who can.

In Conclusion
This is hardly an exhaustive list of things to consider when you are trying to put together your perfect vegan wedding. It’s a good place to start though. Above all else though, please remember that, like all lifestyle choices, one size does not necessarily fit all. How you feel about certain topics and how you inject a vegan lifestyle into your wedding will be individual to you. There’s no wrong way of doing it.

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