• Q. Why should we choose you to photograph our wedding?

Well, it all comes down to taste, flavour, chemistry and if you get 'that loving feeling' when you've seen a style or set of wedding photos you love. After taking a little time to view other photographers work, before you know it you’ll have attuned yourselves to what you like & dislike and certain photographers will stand out more than others. Follow your instinct, contact a few and take time to speak with your shortlisted favourites.

• Q. Are you familiar with my wedding venue?

It's really not a problem if I'm not. If I haven’t worked at your venue before I will be seeing your venue with fresh eyes - a rare but exciting thing for a wedding photographer! That being said, I always scout-out new locations and venues ahead of time if they aren't too far away from where I'm based.

• Q. Can we meet beforehand?

Absolutely, depending on where you live, we can meet over coffee (I love cake)! Alternatively, over the phone, video Skype ideally or Facetime? I really recommend meeting up and getting together for a natter - it's a chance for us to get to know each other and for you to ask me more questions and I will be able to share advice if it's helpful. After you book, I do send out a friendly-fact-based questionnaire but nothing beats hanging out for an hour - I love to see your energy & love together first-hand.

• Q. How do we book you as our wedding photographer?

All you have to do once your mind is made up is fill out my contact form at the bottom of this page or on my contact page and I will return with my speedy reply - usually within 1-2 hours unless I'm in the air or surrounded by high-hills! I'll send you further information for you to complete and return back electronically together with a non-refundable booking fee of £200 which will secure your date. The balance is then due 4 weeks before your wedding day. I also offer a stage-payments if need to spread the cost.

• Q. Do you offer different collection prices?

Yes, I offer three pricing options (Perfectly Small, Just Right and Above & Beyond) which you can read in more detail on the pricing page.

• Q. How much would it cost if you were to stay a little longer?

For example, if you originally booked 4 hours of coverage and on the wedding day itself, you felt you wanted to capture even more memories - the price is £100 per hour thereafter.

• Q. Are you available on my wedding day?

Yes, I very much hope to be but unfortunately, to keep things fair for all, I am unable to reserve your day without a formal booking accompanied by a booking fee of £200.

• Q. When will we receive our photographs?

It usually takes between 4-6 weeks to artistically edit & craft your images and prepare your personal online gallery but very often they are ready way before.

• Q. Is a USB flash drive, wedding album & prints included in any of your collection prices?

Yes & no - a USB stick is included as a gift with each collection but albums & prints will be added extras — please enquire.

• Q. What information do you need from me before the wedding day?

If I have been lucky enough to have been chosen to be your wedding photographer, following receipt of my booking fee and a signed contract - I will be sending a friendly-fact-finding questionnaire to complete (all online) followed by meeting up somewhere for tea, coffee, cake or an ice-cream!

• Q. Do you travel outside of Devon?

Yes, I love to travel. Please let me know where your awesome wedding location is planned for?

• Q. What will you be wearing at my wedding?

I dress smartly as I need to move easily & freely all day and must be comfortable.